OÜ Reta Puit is a private limited company which is based on Estonian private capital and
which was founded in 1992.


The fields of activity of OÜ Reta Puit are: logging and silviculture, purchase of standing timber and forest land, purchase and sale of logs, pulpwood and firewood, sale of firelogs, production of sawn timber, and drying of wood. The main territory of activity is Saare county. We export pulpwood, saw logs, firewood and woodchips to Germany, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.


In order to ensure sustainable forest management and consistency, it is important to reforest the area after clear-cutting. We recultivate clearcuts mostly with seeders which has given good results in restoring forests.


Our company employs specialists with long-term experiences who offer professional advice to the forest owners in managing standing timber. OÜ Reta Puit manages the forest economically and effectively to ensure the preservation of and increase in ecological, economical and cultural values of the forest resource. The company pays close attention to environmental protection.


OÜ Reta Puit is a member of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association and was granted a FSC® supply chain certificate in 2012.


Biomassi tootja Reta Puit OÜ Tarnebaasi raport (EST)

Biomass Producer Reta Puit OÜ Supply Base Report (ENG)